Petter Huusko
Manager, Corporates

Zanders has the feel of a small start up company encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour, but with over 250 co-workers worldwide (and growing).

After working several years within the Corporate Treasury sphere I was intrigued to expand my knowledge and get more experience from all sides within Treasury. When working on the corporate side I noticed how systems and technology were becoming a more and more important role for Finance and Treasury. Zanders has given me the opportunity to continue to learn and evolve within the Treasury sphere, to broaden my knowledge in systems and how different Treasury functions do their work. Working as a Manager within Zanders gives me the possibility to meet many different clients, a broad variation of work, and for me to focus on areas that I find interesting expand my expertise.

Zanders, the local, global player within consulting
At first, when I was approached by Zanders, I was a bit sceptical. I saw a consulting firm with big plans of expanding in the Nordic region but with no office and no full-time employees in the Nordic region. After meeting the different stakeholders and partners of Zanders, my mind was set. I felt confident in joining Zanders and help establishing their footprint in the Nordic. As of yet it has been an excellent decision. Although the office is small (but growing), partners and colleagues within the Zanders organization are never far away. I truly feel the commitment from Zanders to grow and stay within the Nordic and to deliver the best support possible to clients. Zanders is located all over the world, with colleagues from different backgrounds and walks of life. Zanders has the feel of a small start up company encouraging entrepreneurial behaviour, but with over 250 co-workers worldwide (and growing). The culture is friendly and down to earth where work-life balance is not just a word to be put on their website.

Shape yourself and your career
As Zanders is a small company compared to the big four and promotes employees to be entrepreneurial, you can shape your career in a direction that you like. Together with managers and the firm’s partners you can decide on client projects, trainings, and courses to develop yourself in way chosen by you and not by the company. I meet potential clients and work on my soft skills as well as enhancing my knowledge of Treasury and the technology available in the market.

Zanders growing worldwide
Zanders has offices in Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Japan, United States, Holland and South Africa. If you are longing for foreign experience, the possibilities are there. You are also able to work on international projects from remote giving you the possibility stay with in you desired region as well as getting the international experience.

Study:  Bachelor of Science in Business and Economics
             - Specialisation: Accounting and Finance
             Master of Science in Business and Economics
             - Specialisation: Innovation and Enterprise
Consultant at Zanders since: 2021