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Treasury & Risk Management in the public and non-profit sector is a continually changing specialization. Cash is more important than ever and regulation is strong. We help our clients to navigate this complex world. The recent pandemic uncovers additional challenges, which results in less time. We have developed in-house technology to ensure our clients can spend time analysing outcomes instead of spending a lot of time on getting to the outcome.

In addition to public sector entities, international organizations and NGOs, our clients include global corporations and financial institutions.

Who are we and why do clients come to us?

Clients appreciate us for our pragmatic and hands-on approach. First, we determine the theoretical solution based on our expertise knowledge and extensive experience. Second, we bring this to practice together with our client.

We build relationships with our clients and provide the best, expert advice which in the long term really benefits the relationship.

Why join our Public Sector team?

What makes the Public Sector team unique, is that most of our clients do not have a complete treasury department. Our field of expertise is not something most of our clients deal with on a daily basis. This gives you as a consultant a lot of responsibility, already at an early stage in your career, as well as the opportunity to come into contact with e.g. board members at our clients.

The Public Sector team consists of 20 consultants who work closely together. Within the Public Sector there are many different disciplines within the fields of Treasury, Risk and Finance. If you join the Public Sector team, you become an advisor for e.g., hospitals, universities, and municipalities. Next to advisory projects we also have interim projects, where you work at the client. We generally work in teams of two to four people on Advisory projects. In this way we can learn from each other and there is always someone available for the client. Assignments range from very short (one day) to several years. Typically, most Public Sector assignments are on the smaller side. We often work on several assignments at the same time and we even serve several clients on the same day. These assignments can be in our different subsectors, but also on different topics within the field of Treasury, Risk and Finance. Therefore, our work is very diverse and fast paced. Even though our assignments might generally be on the shorter side, our client relationships tend to be long standing.

In the coming 5 years we obviously want to add value to our clients, we want to be innovative, build tools to make the work of our clients more efficient. Our clients have a strong social purpose, ranging from providing education, healthcare to realising part of the energy transition. With our services we (in)directly help our clients to reach those goals and create a positive impact on society. 

Zanders Consultants are eager to learn, strive for high quality and offer pragmatic solutions. Your future colleagues are very helpful, open-minded and we like to have fun during projects but also while off from work.

Public Sector Jobs