Roy van den Broek
Senior Consultant, Public Sector and Capital Markets

Within Zanders, we have a broad spectrum of specialised consultants.

In the last year of my studies, I was looking for a job that was more in line with my studies. I was working at an accountant office in Amsterdam and the work mainly consisted of doing bookkeeping and compliance work. In other words, only looking at past performance. After some advice from a good friend of mine, who worked at Zanders at the time, I applied for an analyst position at the Corporates department.


During the time I worked as an analyst, I felt that Zanders was a great fit, but wasn’t sure if becoming a Treasury Technology Consultant was the perfect path for me. Luckily my colleagues insisted me to speak with someone of the Public Sector department, as they believed it was much more in line with my ambitions. More than two years later, I can say that they were right.

Knowledge development

One of the first lessons I learned as a consultant was that it’s ok to not have an answer to a question of a client right away. Just tell the client that you will check it with a colleague who is more experienced in the subject. Within Zanders, we have a broad spectrum of specialised consultants. In my opinion, speaking with your colleagues on these subjects to obtain the answer required for the client is the best way to develop your knowledge. By thinking together on a solution for this specific case you will always remember that particular solution. Next to getting the experience by doing your work, Zanders provides several courses including that in the Zanders Talent Program for new consultants. This talent program was for me one of the most enlightening and most fun times since I started as a consultant. You can ask any consultant at Zanders and I’m 100% sure they will feel the same!

Zanders culture

The moment I decided to apply for the position at the Public Sector department, I was afraid that I would lose the connections I built at the corporates department during my time as an analyst. The culture within Zanders showed however to be an inclusive one. Even though I didn’t work with them as closely and often as before, all the organized events, the talent program and also just the atmosphere at the office made sure that there are no borders between the different departments.


When joining the more senior colleagues to client meetings, I noticed a very natural way of making sales on the job. While doing the initial assignment, room for other improvement in other processes become visible and by mentioning a possible solution to the client, a follow-up assignment would be a logical next step for them. After a while I noticed myself doing the same, as (with all the knowledge and connections we have) at Zanders we can find a solution for almost anything.

Study: Master Finance, University of Amsterdam

Consultant at Zanders since: 2019